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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Hey there,


I am going to try to attempt three things... 1) To make you laugh 2) Assure you that I am an intelligent, consummate professional and 3) Try to convey my unique brand.
I would love the opportunity to work with you guys! And it’s okay to say it out loud: 'I would love to hire this Brandon guy! See how it just rolls off the tip of your tongue? For the past 20 years I've produced, directed, shot and edited travel shows, realities, commercials, industrial's, training, web, medical and films both domestic and foreign... meaning I know pressure and work well under it. I also have twenty kids and they all wanna eat. Their fate rests upon your shoulders. And only you have the key to their salvation. Would you say no to a child? Help me help them and let's stop their hunger... and world domination and terrorism and people who wear plaid and think it's cool, but if you wear plaid, it looks really great on you. (I also have super powers). So come on. Let's join forces and save the world one project at a time. And everybody knows that really hot girls dig superheroes who save the world. Or maybe it's because women know that super heroes wear tights, and that if they wear tights... they must really be in touch with their feminine side. I am afraid of men who wear tights, but I'd love to do a film about it. Not really, but that's beside the point. The point is about this project and the joining of forces. So let's all do this and be superheroes with a big'ol fan base. Hope to hear from ya soon".

Hopefully the above made you laugh. It's often hard to stand out amongst the throngs of other applicants so thank you for indulging me while I shameless try to stand out. I am college educated, clock like reliable and beaming with confidence and positivity. I possess a thorough understanding of composition and multiple stylistic formats of shooting (Branding, Commercial, Docuseries/Follow, Episodic, ENG Run & Gun, Verite, Broadcast, Interview, Corporate, Conference, Film, Sports, Event, Surgical, Lab, etc). Included in my bag of tricks are directing talent, camera ops and crew, multiple lighting configurations and mood setups, audio setups, blocking, scripting writing and set dressing. You also don't have to worry about whether or not I'll show up. If I book it, I'll be there early on time. 

I understand compelling narrative and story arcs - Stasis/Trigger/The Quest/Surprise/Critical Choice/Climax/Reversal/Resolution. So I can turn into a story shoot'n beast and film an entire scene, single camera, while simultaneously getting cutaways and all while NOT interrupting the scene. Proper coverage for an editor in TV/film land. Or I can see the big picture-final product and rain-man zero in on highly stylized content branding for marketing and advertising agencies. 

I am a solid, engaging and artistic DP who understands that content is organic. It grows and thrives in the creative environment. This is not just a job for me, but rather a passionate career where I plan on spending the rest of my working life. Being a polished editor with 4 editing bays, I firmly believe that editors make better directors of photography, and vice versa. Editing is where the real magic happens. And to get SyFy Supernatural, I'm a hybrid. [Heavily back-lit and slowly standing upright with claw hands extending downward by side - cue creepy cool music]. 

I am excellent under pressure - like Gordon Ramsay kitchen pressure, world traveled, well spoken and ridiculously easy to get along with. And because I've done so much traveling both domestic and foreign, it has afforded me many opportunities to come across many different types of personalities and characters. And being a life long and intuitive student of psychology, I have learned to not only traverse them, but to also build genuine trust, diffuse negativity, and promote high spirited camaraderie. Humor is key (and a little self-deprecation). And at the end of the day, we're all trying to make our way in this world the best way we can. I'm here to help you shine.

For added bonus, I've just come off a new show airing on FOX called @nd Chance Saves Lives. I was the Director, DP and Editor. 

My go to gear: C300II, FS7, 2 C100’s, 5D Mark II, Shogun Inferno, Ninja Blade, Mavic Drone, 4K OSMO, Cine Primes: 24, 35, 50, 85 and 135, L Series Zoom 24-105, 10-18 and 17-50, on camera light, a bunch of 1K LED's, Sennheiser lavs, H6 Zoom and a Rhino ARC II slider and a Stealth slider. 

My website is often outdated with new content, but I try to update when I can.

Okay man, have a great day!

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