30-Second Spots :
There are only 3 types of things sold in our free world market: Products, Services & Knowledge. And at the advertising forefront are the mighty :30’s – a lot of juggernaut bang for the buck. From powerful, complex, heavy hitting allies in advertising and marketing campaigning to simple, direct, strategic “buy me’s”… these 30-second spots are a fan favorite front line tool for commanding consumer and pro-sumer awareness.
Technical :
We are a technically inclined breed to begin with and therefore, by default, love these kinds of projects. We understand that the average brown bear doesn’t have a solid mastery for most things technical, so that’s where we like to shine. Putting it all together. And doing so from scratch, is nothing short of creative ingenuity at it’s finest. Getting in there and breathing new life into something otherwise dull, dry, boring or hard to understand, gives us a real jolly. We bridge the gap between total tech and that little brown bear in an easy to understand application and simplified explanation. Whether the desired result is a state of the art, high-end flashy presentation or simplified educational awareness of “how to’s”, we like to get in there, roll our sleeves up and make it sing.
Medical :
Luckily, our personnel have strong stomachs. Being naturally curious towards technical know-how, we’re pretty interested in what makes things tick, especially when it comes to our own bodies. So shooting new radical procedures to exploring cutting edge technologies that allow you to do those specialized surgeries to highlighting that tiny little embryo in that tiny little Petri dish really excites our inner-child curiosity. In fact, we’ve shot so many of these that we own our own scrubs.
These guys are fast becoming a popular choice among business owners and corporate firms for enhancing web-based presence. A docu-mercial is a composite between a documentary and a 30-second commercial spot. There is no specific amount of time for these guys, but popular run times average around 2 to 3-minutes. Docu-mercials allow for an abbreviated, yet thorough, fast track overview of:
1.   Who you are.
2.   What you offer
3.   How and Why you work.
By the time the viewer has watched your docu-mercial, they will have a realistic and comprehensive understanding of your business’ nutshell and what you can do for them. We, in particular, are partial to mixed nuts.
Having shot these for most of our careers, we never get tired of them. We take great pride in shooting them because we like helping educate employers with a greater understanding of workflow productivity. Wheat ear it’s by introducing new employees to proper procedure & protocol or the development of quicker response times to expanding the knowledge base of seasoned employers by introducing new technologies or simply sharpening areas of expertise for the veterans, we like being a part of it.
We’ll go just about anywhere that doesn’t require a bulletproof vest and life insurance. Also, we’ve found out that we don’t freak out when approached by a huge camel spiders and angry howler monkeys. We do however exercise a healthy respect for a 12’ - 450lb alligator, as they have many pointy teeth. So we keep a good 3’ away from them (gotta get shot). Coincidentally, we have a new opening for camera position. We also laugh at hurricanes - industrial strength duct tape works wonders. We’re also kind of partial to the wind blown look on models.
Covering events is how we all got our first start. It seemed to work for us back then and it surely works for us now. From simple one camera, run and gun, doc coverage of a new business launch to multi-camera coverage of speaker’s presentation to a roving camera amongst attendees of a large, high-end networking gala to the grand opening of a new hotel and spa, we know this backyard sandlot like the backs of our hands. And we can even supply on-camera talent to help promote your next event while shooting it. I can also work the crowd into high energy and participatory interaction with a little help from my gorgeous hosts. We can really rock these things out.
With coffee coursing though our veins and a twinkle in our eye, we’re warriors dug in deep for the long haul. This is one of our main staples and we’re very comfortable here. We can accommodate single to multi-camera coverage, day or night, interior or exterior, in town or out… we can even wrestle those big screens and their projectors for your seminar.